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Biosystems is launching the new A15 (4/20/2018)
Now with integrated cooling system
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BioSystems consolidates their presence in mid-size laboratories (1/19/2018)
Our 1000th BA400 analyzer installation was made in Zagreb - Croatia
Agreement with European Commission (1/16/2018)
Certified Material for alpha-Amylase
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Biosystems is launching the new A15

Now with integrated cooling system

BioSystems S.A. is proud to present the new version of their well-known analyzer A15, now with an integrated cooling system as a new optional configuration option.


This new configuration guarantees high reagent stability even for those laboratories working in continuous mode, as well as simplifying reagent handling for those that prefers to keep reagents on board.


The new cooling systems, with a capability up to 20 reagents on board in any combination of 20 and 50 mL vials, is able to maintain them at 10ºC below room temperature. It allows increasing stability for those reagents known to be affected by variations or high room temperatures, reducing time required to reagent preparation and making easier reagent configuration steps.


With this new A15’s feature, BioSystems wants to offer to their customers an integral, effective and reliable analytical system, easily adaptable to any work routine and that meets with all customers’ needs, from those customers using the A15 as a routine or backup analyzer or as a dedicated analyzer for special biochemistry.

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